captain bodacious (creepyskeletons) wrote in rapeand_pillage,
captain bodacious

1. Name/age/sex: Jason/20/dude
2. What do you want your warrior name to be?: Lotharr, slayer of orcs
3. What Title do you want?(titles can be found BARBARIAN WARRIOR ASSASSAIN ACROBAT, god damnit.

4. Do you know how to use a sword or staff, or any possible medieval weapon?: in all actuallity, i know a nice mix of japanese and european swordplay ;-)
5. Do you have any magickal powers?: IN BED HAR HAR
6. Would you be willing to slay and destroy small villages and children?: yes. and then get drunk, and re-lsay the bodies for a laugh.
7. One clear picture please: TIS MY PILLAGING FACE
8. Music of choice?: Dragonforce and 3 inches of blood, perfect music to bring Odin's wrath.
9. Please promote us in either your journal, your info, a friend, or a community, and link us:
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